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Salt Fortification:Success Stories

  1. Tata Chemicals:
    Tata Salt played a pioneering role in iodization of edible salt in the 80s which eradicated goiter and Iodine Deficiency Disorder in India. Since salt is an excellent micro-nutrient carrier, Tata Salt took up the challenge of addressing the Iron deficiency led anemia. Working with NIN, Double Fortified Salt was developed containing Iron and Iodine in 2012. Since then, the product was piloted under the name 'Tata Salt Plus'. In 2015, 'Tata Salt Plus' was launched nationally backed by strong TV campaign, educating the masses about the benefits of Iron. Currently, 'Tata Salt Plus' reaches about 6 L households across the country.

  2. Wella Nutrologicals:
    In collaboration with the University of Toronto, Canada and assistance from TATA TRUSTS (The India Nutrition Initiative) and IDRC, Canada, Wella Nutrologicals has set up a state of the art five metric tonne per day plant in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for the manufacture of encapsulated ferrous fumarate (EFF) premix for producing double fortified salt (iron and iodine). This premix is very nicely quoted and then encapsulated so that there is no exposure of iron and also the iodine in salt remains absolutely safe.
    The premix produced at Wella has been procured by big salt manufacturers and used for double fortified salt in Uttar Pradesh and now in Jharkhand. A total of approximately 30,000 metric tonnes of double fortified salt has been produced with the premix from Wella.
    Some private sector food companies are in talks with Wella to launch their brand of double fortified salt using our premix.

  3. Sahayamatha Salt Refinery Pvt. Ltd
    Sahayamatha Salt Refinery Pvt. Ltd, are the largest producers of common salt, refined iodised free flow salt, double fortified salt and low sodium salt in South India, having two plants at Veppalodia and Kalloorani, Tuticorin district. Sahayamatha Salt Refinery have signed an MOU with NIN for DFS on 5/12/2016 with plant capacity for DFS free flow at 10,000 MTonnes per annum and DFS crystal at 10,000 M Tonnes per annum. They are marketing DFS in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.