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Salt Fortification: Scientific Evidence

The efficacy of DFS in reducing anaemia and iron deficiency is proven. DFS providing 3.3 mg ferrous fumarate per kg of iodized salt led to significant improvements in haemoglobin, ferritin, soluble transferrin receptor and body iron among female Indian tea pickers in a period of nine months . DFS has been evaluated in the controlled trials in tribal communities and in residential schoolchildren in both urban and rural setting with positive impacts.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has directed the mandatory use of DFS in the ICDS and MDM national programs (2011). In terms of its reach, DFS can reach the most vulnerable children through MDM, ICDS (150-180million) and general population through open market channels. The cost that was a major barrier has been brought down and DFS is now available at Rs.7.5 to Rs. 12 per kg.