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Rice Fortification:Success Stories

  1. DCP Foods Pvt Ltd:
    DCP Foods Pvt Ltd Asbah understands the need of the hour and brings to you 'Asbah Power Rice' with Power of 8 nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B6, B3, B12, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid. Asbha's Power Rice, as the name suggests, is a power house of nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins. The Asbah Power Rice will help meet the daily nutrition requirements and give everyone an easy access to a healthy and active life as recommended by health experts. Women, of all ages, particularly in India, are highly prone to face such deficiencies. Power Rice is fortified with 8 nutrients including iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, etc. 'Power Rice' is not only a treat for your taste buds but also total supplement of essential nutrients. These multi-nutrients are also beneficial for controlling hypertension, diabetes and depression. Asbah acts as a barrier between women's health and the threats to their immune system. Today, following its vision, Asbah stands tall with women across the globe as the World's First Social Brand in the Food Category. In today's fast paced life we seldom have time to control quality of the food products we consume, but can exercise control on what we eat. While our children fuss over food and tend to skip it, it is all the more important to give them food which gives wholesome health benefits - Asbah to the rescue!

    LT Foods is a manufacturer and marketer of leading basmati rice brands like Daawat, Devaaya and Heritage. LT Foods is proud to support the agenda of FSSAI to address the malaise of malnutrition and under-nutrition resulting in stunted growth in children and loss of productivity and earning capacity in adults. LTFoods has thus installed capacity to produce high quality fortified rice and kernels which assuredly delivers the required levels of the key nutrients lacking in Indian?s diets. LT Foods is now supplying this rice to various state governments under their programmes like mid-day meals and others constituting the safety net programmes. LTFoods is also introducing fortified rice under its brands in the open market.The objective is to make available fortified rice in its more regularly consumed variants so that consumers can get the additional nutrition on a daily basis. LT Foods is starting with a focused launch in Western India in 2017. LT Foods will leverage its distribution network to make these variants eventually available nationally,