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Oil Fortification: Success Stories

  1. AdaniWilmar: The recent step to include Fortification in our products signifies our constant endeavor to live up to our promise of 'A Healthy Growing Nation'. We began fortifying the edible oils right from May 2017. We fortified with Vitamin A & D as per the government regulations and primarily aimed to cover our celebrated range of Fortune refined edible oils such as Cottonseed, Soybean, Sunflower, Rice Bran, Groundnut and later also in our other brands such as Aadhar, Kings, Fryola, Raag Gold and Alpha in the SKUs up to 15 L/ Kg. We cater around 30 million households nationwide per month. Moreover, we have already started heavy promotional activities on various platforms informing our consumers about Fortification & resultant benefits.

  2. ADM: ADM started fortifying edible oils with Vitamin A&D in 2011 with one of its variant. In 2016, another variant was added taking the range of fortified products to about 75% of its packed oils sales. Since 1st May 2017, 100% of the packed refined oils range is fortified with the current level of requirements of Vitamin A&D. Our distribution of packed refined oils is limited to few states in West, South & parts of north India reaching to about 100 million people.

  3. Cargill India: For more than 150 years since inception, Cargill is committed to feeding the world in a responsible way. It is passionate about its goal to be the global leader in "nourishing people"". In India, cooking oil use is nearly universal with 99% penetration in Indian households. Fortifying oil with essential vitamins A, D and E creates the opportunity to reach all income groups with minimal changes in eating habits. Cargill India serves more than 25 million households with a host of brands including Gemini, Nature Fresh, Leonardo Olive Oil, Sweekar, Rath and Sunflower Vanaspati. It was the first company in edible oil industry which has fortified its refined edible oils in 2008 with Vitamin A, D & E, starting with its brand Gemini Cooking Oils and later in Nature Fresh Actilite Cooking Oils and Sweekar Sunflower Oil. It has been playing an active role in promoting the need for fortification and educating the customers through its packaging, promotions, engagement and all other initiatives.

  4. Mother Dairy:Dhara began its journey with the vision to provide the best Quality & Nutrition through its edible oil. The entire range of Dhara variants, the cheapest oil at one end and the most expensive oil at the other end of the price spectrum, are fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These include Dhara Filtered range of Oils like Mustard and Groundnut to Refined Oils like Soybean , Sunflower, Rice bran and flagship Dhara variant Refined Vegetable Oil providing the choicest of Oils to consumers. Fortification in Dhara branded oils were adopted almost a decade ago by the organisation. Dhara has a distribution bandwidth extending from Jammu to Port Blair, serving to every small and big towns and villages other than the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. From the extremes of the North Eastern States to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Dhara pans out its reach to every consumer. With India hitting the charts of Infants and children malnutrition, Fortified Oil being one of the 5 basic staples with 99% household penetration, Dhara provides nutrition to the last mile with its cheapest variant being available . Apart from ensuring availability of fortified oil to all parts of India, there has been consumer awareness on importance of fortification and nutrition of oil, through various ongoing marketing activities. We at Dhara will continue to engage with various government initiatives to combat the burden of malnutrition.