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Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Objectives and Activities

Mission Fortification's main objectives and M&E plan have been split along three timeframes- short-term, medium-term and long-term. This section will also outline the key activities in each of these timeframes that the FFRC will undertake to enable Mission Fortification to meet its objectives.

Short-Term: In the short-term, the objective of Mission Fortification is to ensure availability of supply of fortified staples, both in the open-market and through government schemes such as MDM, ICDS and PDS.

Open Market Activities:

Measurement Mechanism: The increased availability of fortified staples will be measured through an end of the month report on supply submitted by food businesses to FFRC.

Inclusion in Government Programs Activities:

     Measurement Mechanism: A robust reporting and monitoring mechanism needs to be developed to track progress in states, in the three government programs.
     Medium-Term: In the medium-term, the objective of Mission Fortification is to increase consumer awareness around the benefits and availability of fortified foods and also kickstart a shift in consumer behavior toward fortified foods.

Consumer Awareness Activities:

     Measurement Mechanism: Surveys and focus group discussions with a random sample of consumers, across the country and across demographics.

Long-Term: In the long-term, the objective of is to change health outcomes in the country by way of improved numbers on micronutrient malnutrition in the NFHS-5 indicators. A baseline set of indicators on micronutrient malnutrition already exists in the NFHS-4 dataset, which was published in 2015-2016. The primary and long-term objective of Mission Fortification is to observe a marked improvement in the NFHS-5 indicators, which will be published in 2020-2021.

Health Outcomes Activities:

     Measurement Mechanism: A series of reports and case studies will be compiled. NFHS-5 dataset will be the primary measurement mechanism.


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