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The primary goal of FFRC is to address the deficiency of vitamins and minerals for a healthy nation. For the same, a two-pronged strategy has been adopted by scaling up fortification both in the safety net programmes and making it available in the open market for all. For this aligning the demand and supply of fortified food in the country is being worked towards at the earliest.

Objectives of FFRC

  1. To educate people about the benefits of fortified foods.
  2. Sensitise states about fortification of food and promote them in the Safety Net Programmes to curb the incidence of micronutrient deficiencies.
  3. Provide technical support especially to small scale food manufacturers to enable them to produce fortified foods.
  4. To train and build capacity for large-scale fortification of foods and provide tools for To provide communication material, technical, scientific and financial support to promote large-scale fortification of food.