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Milk Fortification: Success Stories

  1. Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Micronutrient malnutrition in India is a serious public health issue affecting large section of population, impacting physical and mental growth. In order to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin A and D, Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative has started fortification of Toned milk and Double Toned Milk under the brand name ?Vita? in the month of March, 2016. Haryana, one of the top milk producing states, whereas Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative contributes by processing 3 lakh litres of milk per day and fortifying1.05 lakh litres of milk per day. Many of the states like Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and some parts of Rajasthan are benefitted by fortified milk ?Vita?. Hence, Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative created the product and forged a path to success.

  2. West Assam Milk Producer's Cooperative Union Ltd. To eradicate micronutrient malnutrition and to support the nation-wide fortification initiative of FSSAI and Tata Trust, the West Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Union Limited (WAMUL), commonly known as "Purabi" is fortifying "Smart Milk" (Toned Milk) with Vitamins A & D. Now, the fortified milk of Purabi is available in a new blue pack with the "+F" logo of FSSAI. With more and more quality and health conscious consumers preferring packed pasteurized milk, Purabi has crossed daily average sales of over 20,000 litres of fortified milk in the markets of Guwahati and other towns. Fortified milk of ?Purabi? Dairy has started to skyrocket in popularity with some promotional activities.

  3. Kwality Dairy In India hidden hunger ? the lack of essential micronutrients in a person?s diet is a serious problem. Micronutrient deficiencies are not affecting only the poor, but effecting today?s lifestyle ofurban population. To combat the same, Kwality Dairy has stepped up to fortify toned milk with Vitamin A and D as per FSSAI standards. The packed milk with "+F" logo is available in Delhi NCR and it is under plan to launch across India. Currently, the fortified milk processed on an average is 30,000 Litres per day.Moreover, Kwality Dairy has been awarded for leading the fortification of milk variants.

  4. Mother Dairy Mother Dairy is credited to be the only brand which has been supplying Vitamin A fortified token milk since 1984 in a branded format. It joined hands with NDDB to fortify due to high deficiency levels seen among consumers and strived to continue with this since then. However, fortification of Polypack milk has been initiated for January 2017. Today, Vitamin A & D deficiency in India is a concerning issue related to vision, bone health and other health problems. Such deficiencies are also linked to today's lifestyle, with very limited exposure to sun. Hence, with the release of FSSAI standards, Mother Dairy has taken a pioneering step and fortified Toned Milk, Double Toned Milk and Skimmed Milk with Vitamin A & D.A perfect choice for consumers to address their daily micronutrient needs, since the total contribution made by Mother Dairy is approximately 18 LLPD. Its fortified milk is marketed with ?F+ logo? at various states like Delhi, Punjab, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai etc. under the brand name ?Mother Dairy? and hence, covering large population of India.

  5. Jharkhand State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd. Micronutrient deficiency is the serious concern for India that has both health and economic consequences. To address malnutrition deficiencies, milk fortification with Vitamin A and D is initiated by FSSAI. With the support of Tata Trust, milk fortification has already been taken up in Jharkhand Dairy Cooperative. Fortified Toned Milk with "F+" logo is marketed in the state "Jharkhand" itself under the brand name "Medha". Along with milk industry, Jharkhand Dairy Cooperative got the recognition for early adopters of fortification. The total contribution for reaching out population is approximately 15000 litres per day. This is in line with the endeavor of being present in all open markets across nation.

  6. Creamline Dairy Milk is an important part of the family diet in India, however, majority of Indians are known to be Vitamin D deficient. Creamline Dairy Products Limited is one of the milk industry, has launched ?Enrich D? under its brand ?JERSEY?, homogenized and pasteurized milk fortified with Vitamin D. The company has a strong processing capacity of 10 lakh litres of milk daily. It has a strong presence in South India and parts in Maharashtra. The launch of "Enrich D" will enable "Fortification ? a national agenda" to expand its footprint and ensconce its presence in South India.

  7. Nestle India Nestlé has been in the dairy business in India for over a 100 years. Nestlé a+ milk reaches consumers after undergoing 61 stringent quality checks to ensure quality for the safety of users. Nestlé collects milk from farmers across the country in insulated, hygienic tankers which maintain optimal temperature. Nestlé a+ milk is inspected multiple times in its journey from procurement to distribution. Nestlé conducts regular educational programs for dairy farmers to ensure optimal nutrition of cattle and hygiene practices at the farms.
    Nestlé continues to innovate to deliver the best quality to consumers. Vitamin A and D are essential nutrients for the normal growth and development of bones and the immune system in children. Yet, as many as 98% of children in India suffer from Vitamin D deficiency! Each glass of Nestle a+ Nourish Milk is now fortified with Vitamin A and D to help combat with these deficiencies.