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Milk Fortification: Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence

During 1980s, the Department of Food, Government of India introduced a scheme of fortifying milk with vitamin A at 2000IU/L for toned/double toned milk to prevent night blindness. The government reimbursed the cost of vitamin A premix to the dairies for fortifying milk for three years, after which the dairies were asked to reabsorb the cost. The total quantity of milk fortified with vitamin A during 1988-89 was 3.2 million litres per day. Even today, Mother Dairy continues to fortify its 9 lakh litres of bulk vended milk (BVM) every day. Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation started fortifying milk in the year 2013 with vitamin A and D and has demonstrated a successful model of providing these essential vitamins to millions of people in Rajasthan.

Consumption of fortified milk by children in India has shown encouraging results. Studies suggest that the intake not only increased mean serum Vitamin D levels but also morbidity rates were decreased (18 percent lower incidence of diarrhoea, 26 percent lower incidence of pneumonia, 7 percent fewer days with high fever and 15 percent fewer days sick with severe illness). There is ample evidence from our country which shows that fortification of milk with Vitamin A and D is an effective and safe strategy to reduce related deficiency diseases