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  1. Training Program on Method of Analysis of Fortificants in Oil
  2. Training on Wheat Flour fortification 22nd March, HAFED Mill, Haryana
  3. Regional Workshop on Milk Fortification 20th March 2018, Delhi
  4. Training on Edible Oil Fortification 20th March 2018, Haryana
  5. Training on Milk Fortification in Haryana 12th March 2018, Ambala
  6. Regional Workshop on Milk Fortification 23rd February 2018, Mumbai
  7. MN Forum Fortification Report.
  8. Report Technical Meeting 11-May-2017
  9. Report Tea Garden Consultation
  10. Annexure 1 Attendance Sheet Kolkata Consultation
  11. Training program on method of analysis of fortificants in milk - 11th - 15th June, Gujarat