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Food Fortification has been used around the world since the 1920sas a safe and effective means of improving public health. It provides nutritional benefit without requiring consumers to change eating habits or purchase patterns. FSSAI has mandated standards of Fortification for staple products such as salt, wheat flour, rice, milk and oil.

FSSAI has also created a logo for fortification which will help consumers identify the fortified food commodities in an easy, straightforward manner. The use of visuals and symbols are simple but powerful tools to help people identify and become aware of the goal better. That is why the logo needs to be easily spotted and even recognized by the farmer and his wife to understand that their food is being fortified for their families? well-being. Since the logo will go on to packaging formats of staple products, the graphic quality of the logo needs to be extremely simple: As simple as the green square of the Vegetarian symbol and the red Square of the Non Vegetarian symbols.

About The Logo

The square represents completeness. The plus sign (+) is about adding extra nutrition and vitamins to daily meals, to adding more to life. And the ring around the letter 'F' illustrates the ring of good health, protection and an active life.

About The Color

The Colour Blue symbolizes purity and good health. As a primary colour in the colour wheel, it also represents the basic need for good health and Food Fortification.

Video About The Logo

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Direction for Use of Food Fortification (+F) Logo